The People Backing Us

Our work strikes a chord with many different people, from broad backgrounds and with different perspectives.

But they all converge to agree with our approach to stopping bullying. Take a look at what they think about GR8 AS U R.

In alphabetical order by surname

Tanyalee Davis

“I was born with a form of dwarfism. I’m a huge supporter of the GR8 AS U R organisation, because even now as an adult I still get bullied by kids, yeah that’s right….kids! Bullies single out people who are different, like me and that’s why it has to be stopped.”

Canadian comedian

Olly Day

“The only way I could stop kids bullying me at school was to make them laugh… and now look at me, I do it for a living! I still remember how horrible it felt to be teased, now I’m a grown up I want to do as much as I can to stop this happening to others.”

Entertainer and children’s school performer. Winner of Norfolk County Council EDP ‘People of the Year’ award

Honorary Professor Ian Gibson

“This programme has a unique element in it which seeks to prevent bullying at its source. It would be in the interest of the whole educational establishment and many other public bodies to join together to ensure that we wipe out bullying.”

Honorary Professor

The Rt Revd Graham James

“The problem of bullying in our schools remains despite the number of well-funded and active anti bullying organisations which already exist.
GR8 AS U R isn’t simply another one to add to the number but is focussed entirely on preventing bullying before it starts.”

Lord Bishop of Norwich

Richard Jewson

“What makes GR8 AS U R really worth backing is their innovative approach, “stop it before it starts”, which has now collected significant national, academic support. Bullying is as real in 2014 as it has always been. We read tragic reports in the newspapers which confirm that we have a modern scourge. There is too much of it, and a great need to tackle it.”

HM Lord-Lieutenant of Norfolk

Anne-Marie Rodriguez de Killeen

“Child bullies on the playground become adult bullies at work and in the society that shapes our lives. The programmes GR8 AS UR have created stop bullying at exactly the right moment – before it starts.”

ACC – Managing Director of Ruby Red

H. G. Sansostri

Youth mentor, actor and writer

The Very Rev. Dr. Jane Shaw

Dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and Dean for religious life at Stanford University

The Hon Alice Walpole

  Deputy Special Representative for Political Affairs and Electoral Assistance of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq