Mission Statement

GR8 AS U R is dedicated to preventing bullying by stopping it before it starts, i.e. addressing the root causes when children are very young.

Through our educational programme we will teach young people and those associated with them, about self-worth, equality, diversity and the importance of human rights, so they learn to foster inclusion, avoid prejudice and celebrate rather than ridicule differences.


As an organisation we aim to:

  • Create a long-term, sustainable system to stop bullying before it starts, locally, nationally and globally, backed and supported by on-going internationally-recognised educationalists, research, development and evaluation.
  • Help to minimise bullying through teaching children and young people about a ‘better way’
  • Treat everyone we come into contact with with respect
  • Use creative and innovative ways to communicate the GR8 AS U R message
  • Where possible minimise our impact on the natural environment
  • Build a trusted brand and not-for-profit company that is respected worldwide
  • Be open to working with partners and associates for the greater good
  • Be open and honest as an organisation

Long Term Agenda

GR8 AS U R prevents bullying at school, in the home and in communities, building a kinder, safer world for all. It does this in three ways

Three  Step Change Agenda: This forms the backbone of our work and the way we aim to achieve our goals.

Step 1 – Stop it before it starts

We meet children’s immediate needs; we give a free Educational Empowerment Programme to all nurseries and schools in the UK – so all children, families and schools have all the tools to stop bullying before it starts.

Step 2 – Communities

We work with local groups and organisations to make the importance of Bullying Prevention visible to their communities – not to be ignored, passed by or accepted as “just part of growing up”.

Step 3 – Accountability

Holding us all (governments, adults and children) responsible for change. For sustainable change, we must influence policy makers to leverage government support for bullying prevention. We hold governments responsible and lobby for change in policy to give tomorrow’s children a positive future.

Creating sustainable change for children takes time to achieve, however if we act today we can make a real difference to tomorrow.

Our aim is to reduce the incidences of reported bullying by 50% in the next ten years