What Makes GR8 AS U R Different?

Our programme takes a new approach to the problem by starting early and focusing on reducing the social behaviour that leads to bullying later on.

Empowering People

We promote self-worth, difference, inclusion and human rights, giving young people the confidence to take off.

Everyone Included

Our universal approach teaches and engages everyone, everywhere through individual and community events.

Early Intervention

We start early, teaching children when the influence on social behaviour is greatest, 1 to 7 years old.

Our Programme and Resources

We are continually editing a broad and creative set of resources, media and events so everyone can work together to stop bullying.

GR8 AS U R Funday

Celebrate who you are and help others do the same in a day of activities including story telling, music and art.

Programme for Schools

Resources for teachers with the policy and training they need to make their school safe and satisfy Ofsted.

Online Resources

Additional media for teachers, parents and kids to download including activities, articles, songs and videos.

Book Programme

Book programme introducing children to key concepts, promoting parental involvement and fun activities.

Sing-A-Long Song

Learning this song empowers children, reinforcing the message “You’re GR8 AS U R and Bullying Stinkz!”

Let's Make A Movie

Actively expressing their own story by working with professional film makers to gain confidence and understanding.

Say Hello to Our Team

We have a passionate, dedicated, energetic and experienced team behind us, at all levels.

Our Supporters

We are proud to have wonderful corporate sponsors and supporters who have made the journey so far possible. See them all on our supporters page.

Norfolk County Council
Community Sports Foundation
Mind Norwich
Medina Publishing
Ormiston Families
Big Lottery Fund
The Forum

What Can You Do To Help?

We rely on your support, so please spread the word on social media, get involved and dontate to help us stop bullying before it starts.


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Gift A Donation

Everything helps and your support directly helps and supports children.

  • £5 = Help one child learn to prevent bullying
  • £25 = Pays for four GR8 AS U R stories
  • £175 = Pays for one beacon school
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Join In & Get Involved

There are lots of great ways to get active in our work and the discussion.

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