At the age of just 14, after continually being bullied from a very early age, Ellie Bea decided to do something positive about bullying.

She understood that bullies are not born bully’s; they learn how to gain power over others using perceived weaknesses or differences and ‘become’ bullies.

Ellie Bea talked to her parents who were very supportive and also understood the pain and upset that she had gone through. They could also see the fact that schools and nurseries (kindergarten) seemed to be almost powerless in either combatting bullying when it happens or in stopping it before it starts.

Ellie Bea and her mum, Jacqueline spent hours talking, researching and taking the time to understand the complex issues around education, bullying, victimisation, power and perceived weaknesses among children and how all that also related to the adult world.

In 2011, the GR8 AS U R organisation was born; a not-for-profit social enterprise that aimed to develop a programme of  learning for schools and nurseries to help them tackle bullying at its source – before it starts!

Since then, GR8 AS U R has gone from strength to strength gaining support from top professionals and experts, celebrities, victims of bullying and even ex-bullies themselves!

Now GR8 AS U R is one of the most innovative, forward thinking and leading organisations in the anti-bullying arena. It uses the campaign slogan GR8 AS U R to help young people realise that they are not alone, can realise their potential and do not need to put up with bullying any more.

To help teachers and parents teach their children to be as great as they are, GR8 AS U R has a wide range of:

  • Education materials
  • Literature
  • Books
  • Stickers
  • Branded items
  • CDs