What the Experts Say

Professor John West-Burnham

Professor John West-Burnham

“Bullying Stinkz has the potential to succeed on a huge scale.”

“It offers a systematic and integrated approach across the childhood years that builds, reinforces and sustains the anti-bullying message. It offers an “all inclusive” system, making is very quick and easy for busy teachers to implement.”

“If only children were taught early on that we’re all different in some way and that it is OK to be different, not only would this reduce bullying in schools but it would also benefit society as a whole, as it is becomes increasingly multicultural.”

Professor John West-Burnham, Head of Educational Leadership and Research

Martin Bell, OBE

Martin Bell, OBE

“Bullying casts a shadow over our schoolrooms and playing fields.  It is evil, and can inflict lasting damage on the children who are its victims.”

“Bullying Stinkz concentrates on the very youngest children at risk.  It can help save childhoods. There can be no better cause.”

Martin Bell OBE, British UNICEF Ambassador, former broadcast war reporter, independent politician, Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister of State for Schools and teacher

Victoria Musgrave

Victoria Musgrave

“Bullying is as real in 2011 as it has been over the decades; we have a modern plague.”

“I’ve been teaching for 26 years and implemented a number of “anti-bullying” projects. But what sets this project apart is that, aimed at infants of 1-7 years, it addresses the problem before it has even started!”

“Because children aren’t taught this from an early age that by the time they reach junior school (8-11 years) many have already experienced some form of bullying which then can continue throughout their entire schooling.”

Victoria Musgrave, Head of Wymondham High School (2011)

Ian Gibson

“This programme has a unique element in it which seeks to prevent bullying at its source.”

“It would be in the interest of the whole educational establishment and many other public bodies to join together to ensure that we wipe out bullying in Norfolk”

Ian Gibson, Labour Party politician, MP for Norwich North (1997 to 2009)

Simon Wright

“Bullying is all too common in our schools, and the impact on young lives can be devastating. It’s absolutely vital that schools, teachers and parents engage with children from a young age.”

“Bullying Stinkz is brilliant because it helps even very young children to understand why bullying is wrong. By learning this very important lesson, a culture of bullying can be stopped before it starts.”

Simon Wright MP, Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister of State for Schools and former teacher

Justin Irwin

“Bullying is a scourge of our society that affects too many children and young people, and unnecessarily ruins lives.”

“Having heard so many heart-breaking stories, I know that, when it comes to bullying, prevention is better than the cure. Modern life is hard enough;  Bullying Stinkz is an important addition in our fight against needless nastiness.”

Justin Irwin, Former Director of Childline

Peter Tatchell

“The root cause of most bullying is ignorance and prejudice. If unchallenged, bigoted, ill-informed attitudes fester; often being the gateway to bullying and other hate crimes.”

“It is the duty of all local authorities, schools and youth groups to encourage an understanding and acceptance of diversity. We have a responsibility to protect young people against discrimination, harassment, threats and violence.”

Peter Tatchell, petertatchellfoundation.org

Carrie Herbert

“Children need to know that ‘bullying’ is learned and can be unlearned. They need to know what constitutes good, respectful, kind behaviour and how this is differentiated from bad, disrespectful, unkind behaviour.”

“Having a ‘family’ of people with friends, relatives, supporters and people who do not know how to behave is very useful as it gives lots of scope for stories and examples of good and bad behaviour.”

Carrie Herbert, Chief Executive of Red Balloon Learner Centre Group

Mark Jennett

“We need to work with children of all ages and help them to see the value of diversity and accepting difference.  Too often the focus is still on dealing with bullying simply as behaviour – and trying to pick up the pieces once incidents have occurred.”

“Using literature as a vehicle for deconstructing stereotypes can have a significant impact on educational engagement and learning.”

Mark Jennett, Equality and Diversity Specialist

Andrew Moffat MA

“The three standards in your unique philosophy are crucial; ‘Stop it before it starts’, ‘Celebrating diversity’ and ‘All inclusive involvement’ are brilliant.”

“A reactive response to bullying is ineffective; schools need to be proactive in creating an ethos the children sign up to.”

Andrew Moffat MA, TLA Stage 4 and Author

Tim Kilmartin

“Having a book programme which covers a range of diversity-related issues on a continual basis is unique. At the moment there’s nothing like this on the market.”

“The schools we work with are always looking out for books which assist them in diversity lessons.”

Tim Kilmartin, Field Sales Manager, Blackwell Ltd

Andrew Tofts

“This project is innovative and full of creativity to help young people understand that bullying is unacceptable.”

“We all have a responsibility to ensure the equality and diversity agenda is understood by all and embedded within the curriculum.”

Andrew Tofts, Head of School of Education, Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education

Ross Ritchie

“When I started teaching I used to believe that the only way to teach young children properly was by using stories. Now I know the only way to teach anyone of any age is through stories!”

Andrew Tofts, Education X Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer